Social Media Optimization or SMO as the name suggest is creating the brand awareness using the various social media channels and activities. Whether it’s through Facebook or Twitter or Blogging or sharing the photos, the main objective of Social Media Optimization is to generate web traffic and increasing the web awareness of the site, like SEO.

There are numerous types of activities which can be beneficial in SMO depending on the requirement of the specific business. Some business can be promoted through Facebook and Twitter while some may require creating a well written content or blogging. For many businesses Video and photo sharing can be a good idea. Photo works better than the text. Social bookmarking is another way of increasing the brand which bookmarks the site to the various bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit, Delicious etc.. The sites like Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, Google+ allows the businesses to increase their brand awareness as more and more people are using these mode of marketing to get the things or to enquire about the things they are interested in.

SMO can be used to target the particular geographical area with the potential customers residing in. The main object of Social Media Optimization can be to increase the brand awareness, help consumers in decision making about buying a product or service, provide after sales services and support. SMO activities drives the direct and relevant traffic to the site. Forums, Blogging, Articles are all sources of good direct links which helps in getting the traffic to the site and increasing the brand awareness.

At Search Media we have dedicated SMO specialists who are providing the services to the client and helping them achieving the goals and sales targets by growing the business.